Attendance system
  • Quick installation
    just 5 minutes
  • Affordable solution
    Fraction of cost of other systems
  • Reliable
    and simple solution
  • Universal
    Both students and staff
  • Sustainable
    Low maintenance costs
Better Timetable

For headquarters

Attendance system is connected with ascEduPage, ascTimetables and ascSubstitutions systems. At the end of the month you will see exactly how many lessons was each teacher teaching, when he/she was substituting, left the school and returned back.

For parent

Student upon the entrance to school “peeps“ and the parent gets an automatic notification to his or her cell phone. Similarly, the same happens when the student leaves the school. You know that your kid has arrived safely at school and you can stop the potential truancy or entering a negative peer group right at the beginning.

Better Timetable

For teacher

Authomatic monthly activity reports – the teacher sees, when exactly he or she substituted or which lessons will not be paid. No need to report anything, you only validate the datas from ECR, substitution and arrivals at school.

Less work for everybody

When the teacher is filling the attendance in the electronic class register, he or she sees which students are not present at school. The head teacher in the morning sees as well which teachers has not come to school and can take the fact into account when making the daily substitution plan. Nobody has to write down who has not arrived to school. Parents will see clearly that their kid is being repeatedly late for the first lesson and the teachers will not have to bother to send them notes. Everybody sees everything. Automatically.

Better Timetable
Better Timetable

Simple installation and maintenance

You will plug the white box into electricity and connect it to a school network. It will make contact with your EduPage and start sending information about “beeps”. Then you need to place the black box at the entrance door and connect it with a single black cable, up to 10 meters long with the white box at the gatehouse. Students and teachers bring their chips or ISIC/ITIC cards close to black box – reader. You can plug even more black boxes to the white one: more students can register at the same time. You can even set one box for arrivals and one box for departure.

Mobile version

Students' attendance can be viewed in the mobile phone; electronic class register in the phone knows, which students are not present at school. It is even possible to “beep” with a cell phone, if you do not carry the chip or you forgot it at home. Such registering is then harder to misuse than registering with a card or a chip on the keys. It is up to you to decide which ways will be enabled for your employees and students. It is possible to combine them too.


Employee Attendance

Comfortable processing of teachers' attendance. Including overtime editing, home preparation or data correction. (if someone forgot to “beep” at the gateway)

Class register

When entering absent students at the lesson you know which of them already are at school but not in the classroom.


You have an overview of everything on your website - who is currently at school, who has left or who has not arrived yet.


Parent is informed about safe arrival of his kid at school. Immediately in his cell phone.


Overview of absent teachers is displayed directly when making a substitution plan - you can effectively designate a substitute teacher from those who are present.


If you enter daily students' absences you have precise information available about the presence of each of them.


Chip pendant, the white card, ISIC/ITIC, a bank card, a public transport card etc. If you already have such a card or chip pendant there is no need to buy a new one.

Price for hardware

only299€ one time payment for hardware:

• 1pc Mini computer - small white box
• 1pc Card reader (cards or tags) - small black box attached to the wall
• 1pc Charger for mini computer
• 1pc USB extender cable 5 metres for connecting reader to computer

only40€ one time payment for 50 tags

• 50pcs tags or white cards


The individual system functions are automatically activated in the specific system products, that you use. In order to use data from teachers' attendance for substitution, the program aScSubstitution is needed. In order to record students' attendance, you need to use aSc ClassRegister. To have an overview of the current presence of all people at school on Edupage website, the aScEdupage PRO is needed to be activated.

How to start

We would be delighted to assist you. All you need to do is fill in the form on the right and send us your school\'s contact information.